Doing T-Shirt Design in Kansas City For A Class Trip

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


When a school teacher decides to take their class on an educational trip, they may want to have the students wear clothing to represent their school. This is also a great method of keeping track of students to ensure no one gets lost while visiting an unfamiliar location. Here are some steps a teacher can take when doing T-Shirt Design in Kansas City to ensure the students wear appropriate clothing that will be sure to be noticed.

Use Bright Colors

It is a good idea to purchase t-shirts in a bright color so those wearing them can be seen from an ample distance away. Using black or a dark color could be uncomfortable for students if the educational trip will be conducted in an outdoor setting when the sun is shining. A lighter, bright color will be reflected by the sun, making it easy to be seen when it is necessary to do a headcount.

Consider Having Students Do A Design

A great way to get students involved in the selection of shirts for a trip is by hosting a contest between classmates to come up with a design. This can be as simple as a slogan to represent the class or a logo to be enjoyed by those viewing the shirts. It is best to refrain from putting names on the shirts for security reasons.

Use Lettering To Get The Message Across

The lettering is to be placed upon the shirts to indicate the class name or a slogan, an easy-to-read font should be selected. This will help those who see the shirts to read them. This may be helpful to the teacher in finding any students who may have wandered off if necessary.

When there is a need for T-Shirt Design in Kansas City, hiring a service that deals with all types of t-shirt masterpieces is best. Click here to browse the selection of materials, colors, and designs one can use when making their own t-shirts for a class excursion. An order can then be placed in the service to make a bulk amount of similar shirts for the class.

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