Car Accidents in Phoenix, AZ Require the Assistance of an Attorney

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Lawyers


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Car accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ know that victims’ rights are often pushed to the side. Unless you have the support of an excellent attorney, you may find that you will not receive compensation that is on par with what you should receive. Choosing the right attorney begins with knowing what you should be looking for.

Proven Experience

Professional car accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ have to prove their mettle to many clients. You want an experienced attorney on your side. Ask about the years of experience an attorney has and what his or her record of wins versus losses looks like. Don’t just hire the first lawyer that is willing to take your case. Also, listen to lawyers when they explain to you why your case may have some difficult hurdles to overcome.

Pro Bono vs. No Fee Unless You Win

You should also understand that not many lawyers take a case for free. Working on an entire case takes many hours to compile evidence and create the case. That’s a lot of unpaid time if a lawyer works pro bono (i.e., free). Instead, a lot of accident lawyers work to get you all the compensation they can, and then take a percentage when you win. This “no fee unless you win” agreement motivates the lawyers to work harder on your case.

Hire the lawyer that will work the hardest for you, not the lawyer that will work for free. That is the right approach when you want to win your case.

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