Common Issues with Small Electric Motors in Philadelphia PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


There are many situations when Small Electric Motors in Philadelphia PA are used in harsh conditions for many hours in a row. As a result, these machines need regular maintenance and care to ensure they have a healthy, long life and to reduce the need for repairs and full replacement. To reduce the chances of the motor breaking down completely, a business owner can conduct regular screenings and search for signs of potential trouble.

Mounting Feet and Holes

If the bolt holes that allow the machine to be mounted are broken, it may result in a large amount of motor vibration. This type of shaking may lead to other parts of the machine to come loose and could cause serious motor damage. If this type of issue is noticed, then a business owner should call for repairs for Small Electric Motors in Philadelphia PA.

Dirty Housing Openings

Make sure to look around the openings present in the motor encasement to see if there is any evidence of dirt, dust or other types of contaminants that may have moved into the motor. This gunk may cause issues for the motor bearings, which results in the motor running much less efficiently. This may result in the motor having to have the bearing repacked or replacement.

Burnt Paint

If there are areas of darkened paint present on the motor or on the casing, it may indicate that the motor is producing too much heat. This may eventually lead to overheating issues that can result in total motor failure. Make sure to have the motor serviced by the professionals so that the issue can be diagnosed properly.

Taking the time to invest in regular service and maintenance for a small motor can help ensure it continues working properly. If a person notices any of the issues listed here during a visual inspection, they should contact the professionals for service right away. If repairs or replacement for the motor is needed, they can also that the time to Contact Slaymaker Group. Being informed and knowing the signs of trouble can help prevent it from getting worse and causing more expensive issues down the road.

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