Complete Elevator Services from Sales to Maintenance

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Construction companies and contractors often procure elevator systems for new construction and have them installed by the manufacturer. Once the building is finished and occupied, it is up to the owner or manager to find a company to service, repair, and maintain the elevators. The company may, or may not, have experience working with that particular elevator system. It will mean that diagnosing problems or issues may take more time, repairs will take longer, and a problem may not be correctly detected at the first sign of trouble. For a large or busy building, that can turn into a major hassle. Starting a project with an experienced company, such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA, for example, that can handle every aspect from sales to preventative maintenance, can save building owners time and money.

Companies that provide comprehensive services select products and systems from top manufacturers, like Imperial, Hollister-Whitney, and Smartrise. Those systems are durable and efficient, with models to suit any elevator need. Residential and commercial sizes and capacities are available, as are systems for heavy-duty freight and high traffic usage. The company can help project managers select which elevator is best to suit the needs of the building, based on purpose, the number of floors constructed, and locations of key areas. A medical facility with several floors, for example, will need passenger elevators to central areas, freight elevators near the kitchen and laundry rooms, and larger elevators for equipment and patients accompanied by personnel in which to reach operating theaters, emergency services, and morgue facilities.

Installing the elevator system gives companies an advantage when it comes to repairs and service. They know the system, know where all the components are located in the building, and can diagnose a problem quickly. Repairs are more effective because the technicians are familiar with the system, the building, and the amount of wear and tear to which the elevators are subject on a regular basis. Routine maintenance is also faster and more cost-effective when technicians have installed the equipment. They do not have the take the time to figure out how the system was installed. Emergency services and repairs are also more efficient for those same reasons. Building managers and residential customers can Click Here to get detailed information regarding creative solutions, free consultations, and preventative maintenance plans from Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA.

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