Considerations Regarding Wood Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


When an old fence has deteriorated to the point where repairing it is nearly impossible, it’s time to seriously consider Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA. Often, this happens with a wood fence that wasn’t properly maintained. Sometimes residential real estate is put up for sale and the new buyers don’t make the sale contingent upon fence replacement. They would rather select materials and design of their own preferences.

Etiquette and Aesthetics

These buyers may be unfamiliar with certain points of etiquette regarding wood Fence Replacement in Christiansburg VA. The neighbors must be given some consideration if there are adjacent lots. A standard wood privacy fence has a “good side” that is most aesthetically appealing, while the other side has the structural features that hold it in place and add durability.

The good side should face the neighbor. This is considerate and may even be required in some neighborhood communities. In addition, that makes the exterior of the property more attractive. If the new property owners really cannot stand the idea of the other side of the fence facing their yard, they can have a sandwich style that has a good side on both sides. This costs more but it’s significantly more durable. Either way, staining or painting will be required occasionally to prevent weathering and rotting from the weather elements.

The Possibility of Vinyl

Vinyl is another option for a privacy fence, with the advantage of requiring very little maintenance and not being affected nearly as much by weather. It’s also not susceptible to damage from insects and rodents. Vinyl has begun to cost more upfront than most kinds of wood for fencing, but it is more cost-effective in the long run. It generally has a longer lifespan and there is no cost for paint or stain, or labor to apply these materials.

Fence Height

The height of the fence is an important consideration. Typically, municipalities and other zoned areas set a limit of 6 ft. for the backyard and lower for the front. A height of 4 ft. might be plenty for privacy if the household isn’t trying to shut the world out entirely. Information on one particular contractor can be seen at the website. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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