Contact a Home Remodeling Contractor in Olympia WA about Replacement Windows

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


If you have an older home with single pane windows, you may be tossing money out of them. Single paned windows can cause higher energy bills, condensation that can rot wood, and they make it easier for a break into a house to occur. Fortunately, a home remodeling contractor in Olympia, WA can help you choose more energy efficient and secured windows to replace your old ones.

Lower Operating Costs

By replacing single paned windows with double glazed windows, you can prevent cold air drafts from lowering the temperature in your house. This prevents the heating system from being overworked to keep the temperature consistent, which will in turn help the heating system last longer. When a home remodeling contractor replaces older windows with new double glazed windows and seals them in, they will keep your home warmer and help lower your energy bills.

Prevents Condensation

When the cold outside air presses against warm window glass, condensation will form and can drip down the windows onto the frame. If the frame is made from wood, the condensation can seep into it and lead to dry rot. However, having a home remodeling contractor install double glazed windows prevents condensation because they have two window panes with a layer of gas between them. The cold outside air doesn’t meet warm glass, so there is no condensation.

Added Security

Double glazed windows are stronger and more difficult to break into than single paned windows, so you can prevent break-ins and keep your family and assets safer with the added security which they offer. They are also more difficult to force open because double glazed windows are sealed in from the outside, making it nearly impossible to commit a break-in.

If you notice cold drafts around your windows, ask a home remodeling contractor about replacing them with more energy efficient double glazed windows. The cost of replacing your windows can be offset by lower operating costs for your home in the future, which certainly pays off quickly and on its own.

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