Decisions That Must Be Made When Planning for New Sink Installation in Baltimore MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2019


Sink Installation in Baltimore MD can be a do-it-yourself project, but most homeowners would rather have a plumber complete this job. The old sink may have become chipped or cracked, or it may not be pleasing aesthetically to the people who recently purchased the house. Plumbers replace sinks in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas so their customers feel more satisfied with the home.

Color, Style and Size

Homeowners have several decisions to make in regard to new Sink Installation in Baltimore MD. Two priorities will be color and style. If the existing countertop and cabinet structure around the old sink will stay in place, the new model obviously must fit precisely. Another possibility would be to keep the cabinetry but replace the sink and the countertop to have a larger or smaller sink in a different shape. A pedestal sink, in contrast, stands by itself.

Ceramic, Metal, Stone and Glass

Ceramic sinks are still the most common, but many other materials are available. Stainless steel continues to be popular for kitchens. Many people like the look of marble or granite for sinks, although these materials require more frequent cleaning to prevent stains in the porous stone. Tempered glass looks lovely but is rarely used in kitchens because it’s vulnerable to chipping and scratching.

Faucet Systems

The choice of sink must match the type of faucet system the homeowners want since most come predrilled. They may want a faucet that works with a single handle attachment or one with two separate handles for hot and cold water. Some sinks do not have any holes for faucets or handles because they are intended to work with a system mounted behind the sink or above it on the wall.

Drain Systems

These customers of a contractor such as Saffer Plumbing And Heating even consider the type of drain system they prefer. Will it be easily removable or a pop-up design? The drain must be securely connected to the pipe underneath during the installation project. Otherwise, leaks will occur and there may be rattling noises. This is another reason so many people would rather have a plumber do this work.

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