Decorating Trends Using Scandinavian Designs from St. Paul Furniture Stores

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2020


Many individuals enjoy decorating with the latest in home interior design trends for each year. One decor style that always seems to stay relevant is Scandinavian designs of furniture and other household decorative items. These popular decorating trends using Scandinavian designs from St. Paul furniture stores are not expected to slow down anytime in the near future.

Why Interior Designers Are Using Scandinavian Furnishings

The Scandinavian design style is all about clean lines, spaciousness and a designated focal point within a given space. This design style works wonderfully when blended with contemporary design items. The whole effect should look and feel balanced, and clutter is the antithesis of this decorating type.

How To Create the Ideal Scandinavian Coziness Factor

Scandinavians live in the cold and snowy regions in the northern hemisphere. This population group has managed to weather long, dark, cold and dreary winter seasons by creating a warm and welcoming home interior design style. Top interior designers recommend focusing on one main piece of furniture that is overly large, comfy and cozy. Consider shopping for teak dining room table sets, weather-washed bed headboards and contemporary sofas at topnotch St. Paul furniture stores that specialize in International furniture.

Keep It Simple, Balanced & Use Light Effects

The other items in the room should be balanced using similar color combinations, pattern selections and textile choices. Think warm fireplaces, plush armchair and cozy warm blankets and/or area rugs. Play with different lighting effects layering light intensity to complete the Scandinavian inspired look.

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