Fall Prevention Tips from Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyers

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


A fall may be funny in a comedy, but it’s life-threatening for an elderly person. While a younger person may fall, be a little embarrassed and get right back up, an older person won’t be so fortunate. Falls are the primary cause of fatal injuries in those over 65.

Falls Change Lives Forever

One of the saddest statistics related to falls and seniors is that falls account for 40% of admissions to nursing homes; many will never live independently again. A simple fall has robbed them of their beloved home, familiar belongings and perhaps living with their spouse. About 25% of people admitted to nursing homes after a fall will die within a year, report slip-and-fall accident lawyers.

Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

1. Stay home on rainy days. Many Floridians fled from northern ice and snow to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine; however, there are frequent rainy days, especially in the summer. Frequently, the weather follows a pattern, making the rain somewhat predictable. Staying home on rainy days is much safer than dealing with wet floors in stores and public buildings.

2. Wear shoes with non-slip soles. Don’t walk around the house with smooth-soled slippers or go out wearing smooth-soled sandals. It doesn’t have to rain in order to encounter a wet surface. A floor can become slippery from a spilled liquid or there can be an oil slick in a parking lot.

3. Pay attention to sidewalks and parking lots. Tree roots can buckle sidewalks and parking lots can crack or develop potholes.

4. Exercise to improve strength and balance. Some falls happen simply because of weak muscles. Becoming stronger could make the difference between a hard fall and a possible fractured hip or having enough strength to regain balance and not fall. Exercise classes for seniors are fun and could be life-saving.

5. Be cautious on stairs. Some stairs do not have adequate lighting. Poor maintenance could mean that carpet on the stairs is loose or torn. Test railings before trusting them.

6. Get rid of throw rugs. They’re accidents waiting to happen. Be cautious when encountering a small rug in a public place.

All falls cannot be prevented. If someone’s negligence is responsible for a serious injury, contact Berman McGrath, experienced slip-and-fall accident lawyers for an immediate, free case evaluation. For additional information, visit Bermanmcgrath.com. You can follow them on Twitter.

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