Faulty Thermocouple? Plumbing Repair Near Weatherford, TX can Fix It

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2015


A water heater is a very reliable appliance. Families can rely on it to produce water for many years. However, having no hot water is one of the common reasons for Plumbing Repair near Weatherford TX. It’s best to call a professional plumbing contractor to do the repair. Water heaters are large insulated metal tanks that heat water under high pressure. If they are repaired improperly, they can explode. When a homeowner reports that they have no hot water, the plumber will check the gas pilot light, thermocouple, and the gas pilot control valve. These are the water heater parts that provide it with fuel. If these are broken, the water can’t heat.

After inspecting the water heater, the plumber may note that the pilot light isn’t staying on. When this occurs, it is often a problem with the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety feature that shuts the gas line off if it senses that the flame isn’t working. This prevents gas from filling the home. When the thermocouple isn’t working properly, it will prevent the gas from reaching a working pilot light. This can occur when the pilot light is dirty. Cleaning a pilot light is a very common Plumbing Repair near Weatherford TX. The plumber will use very fine sandpaper to remove any soot or grime buildup. He will focus on the tip of the thermocouple. A clean tip allows the thermocouple to easily sense changes in the pilot light.

The thermocouple has to touch the pilot light in order to sense whether it is working. It is possible for it to be bent away from the pilot light. A bent thermocouple is a very easy Plumbing Repair near Weatherford TX for a plumber. They can carefully bend the flexible part to return it to its proper location. The plumber will then restart the pilot light and watch if the thermocouple responds properly. If it doesn’t, then it will need to be replaced. Because this is such a common water heater repair, there is a good chance that the plumber will have the correct make and model in their service van. Ace Repair Plumbing is one of the Weatherford companies that repair water heaters. They respond quickly to any calls for help.

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