Fewer Trees or More Trees? Think About Tree Removal in Arlington to Improve the Landscape

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Trees are a tricky thing in landscaping because they are both very necessary and very unnecessary. A homeowner may have half an acre. They then have a large tree in the top right of their allotted half an acre. The tree takes up an entire corner all on its own. Furthermore, the tree is hanging over the other half of the acre, or more, by the sheer size and span of the branches. Let alone what is going on underneath, where the roots may have traveled throughout the rest of the majority of the backyard. The branches cover the sun, so no plants and brushes can go in the vicinity.

Are Trees Necessary?

Trees are necessary because they really help to bring out the natural ambiance of the backyard. But, they can also severely limit the available options one has for their landscaping. A way to work around this is by limiting the quantity of trees in the yard to one or two. Span out the trees if the landscape can accommodate a lot of space. Tree Removal in Arlington will open up the door to a lot more landscaping options.

Make the Tree Count

Many landscape designers may go for the one-tree strategy. One tree to rule them all. If the yard only has one tree, it can act as a sort of centerpiece or main visual draw. The landscape can actually work around the addition of the tree, instead of actively trying to work against it. This means that the shade can be used for a patio space. This may mean that the area below the tree can be used for a tire swing or hammock. The tree is a tool to be used. But, it also acts as a singular drawing point where the rest of the landscaping can complement it. The tree can be used as an advantage, even in very small backyards.

One tree? Many trees? It is all in the decorator and what they seek to accomplish with a customer. Visit us for tree removal in Arlington and to explore the many options available for a backyard space.

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