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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Where do contractors go for supplies they need for construction projects? Where do manufacturers find Industrial Supplies in Portland OR? Atlas Supply is one company where this kind of supplies can be found. Having a wholesale supplier is important to manufacturers and building contractors. Marine repair companies also use this kind of supplier. Commercial companies need a supplier that they go to first with job specs and budgets. They need a supplier with experts to help them get the correct supplies and get them delivered on time.

Name Brand Supplies

The right supplier will carry good quality name brand supplies that the industrial customers can trust. If the products are listed by product type and manufacturer, it will be easier to find the product that is specified for a project. The supplier should carry a wide range of products including commercial support items. Items that may be needed include adhesives, sealants, coatings, and waterproofing. They will have concrete repair and protection products, tools, and tapes. The supplier can also have rubber products and over 6,000 additional products.


Customers for these commercial support products include building contractors, architects, manufacturers, waterproofing services, and marine repair companies. All sorts of industrial projects require the products carried by Industrial Supplies in Portland OR suppliers. Construction projects such as public buildings, apartment and office buildings, government facilities, hospitals and nursing homes and other large construction projects require industrial supplies.

Project Support

The best industrial supply companies have product experts to help customers fill project specifications with the best products. These experts can help from the beginning stages of a project all the way through to the completion. They can advise designers, architects, or project managers on what products to specify for an upcoming project. When a product specification list is presented to the supplier, they can deliver the products as needed and on time to help the project go smoothly and finish on schedule.

Large commercial enterprises depend on industrial supply organizations to support their businesses. Having a product expert to give information and advice on these products can avoid expensive mistakes. A project must have the right adhesive or sealant or coating for the materials being used and the final use of the project. For more information, go to the website.

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