Find The Best Company For Auto Glass In Tecumseh, MI.

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


One of the most commonly overlooked safety features of a vehicle is glass. While most motorists in the Tecumseh area take great care of their vehicles to keep them running right, many often ignore the small chips and cracks that can occur in a windshield or window. While having a small chip may seem meaningless at times, those small chips can start to spiderweb quickly due to driving. A vehicle’s windshield can often withstand a lot of damage from rocks and other road debris, but once a crack or chip forms, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a driving hazard.

The glass used in vehicles is not all the same. Windshields, for instance, are actually made of two panes of glass that are bonded together. This is a safety feature that helps protect occupants when the windshield becomes damaged in a wreck. When they become chipped or cracked, it will usually be on the outer pane and not affect the inside one. Small cracks and chips can often be fixed by a company that handles Auto Glass in Tecumseh MI using filling methods that bond the glass back together. If the crack or chip is larger than an inch in diameter, the bonding method will not be able to work.

When a windshield needs to be replaced due to large cracks, hiring a reputable company that handles Auto Glass in Tecumseh MI can help get the job done properly. A reputable company, like Maple City Glass Inc., can usually provide both in shop service and on location services depending on the company. Regardless of the location, the job itself is usually fast. The windshield will need to be removed by first taking the weather stripping from around its edges and then pulling the old glass out. Once that is done, the cavity for the windshield will be cleaned and new adhesive placed in it. The new windshield will usually take a day to fully secure in place, including the new weather stripping around it. The technician will usually place a layer of tape around the windshield to help protect this sealing process.

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