Fireplace Brick Repair Contractors In Annapolis MD Can Keep Your Home Safe

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Mortar between bricks in a fireplace or chimney can be a serious hazard to a home. Water can enter small cracks and freeze causing more damage and an unstable area in a fireplace or chimney. These cracks allow soot and embers to enter which can cause a house fire. A fireplace or chimney that needs to be repaired can cause smoke problems in a home and reduce the enjoyment a properly working fireplace can offer. Many problems can occur in the firebox on the back wall of the burning area. The brick and mortar can crack due to the intense heat and allow water infiltration.

Fireplace Brick Repair Contractors in Annapolis MD can inspect the firebox, interior chimney liner, and the exterior. Any crack in the wall of a firebox or liner is considered a fire hazard. The smoke from a fire carries particles from the burning materials in a fireplace and leave deposits on the walls. If there are cracks in the area, these particles will become lodged inside. The oily substance in a fireplace or chimney is called creosote and can ignite when a spark comes in contact with it. Creosote should be cleaned regularly to prevent a buildup and any cracks should be repaired immediately.

In order to fix cracked mortar, Fireplace Brick Repair Contractors in Annapolis MD may chisel out any cracked areas and install fire clay or Portland cement. This process is called tuck pointing. The areas should never just be surface-coated because it will not bond to the dirty surface. If the bricks are cracked, it’s important to have the affected area rebuilt with fire brick and fire clay. A new wall will last upwards of 15-20 years without needing to be replaced. If water enters a fireplace area due to a missing or malfunctioning chimney cap, the water, creosote, and the acid will cause premature rusting of the damper and increase the chance of brick and mortar deterioration.

With the winter months winding down, now is a great time to have your fireplace and chimney inspected for any signs of damage. Repairing the fireplace and chimney now means you will be able to use it in the fall without any worries. Complete Chimneys LLC can provide these services and so much more with the assistance of one of their highly trained technicians.

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