Four Questions to Ask When Looking for Pet Friendly Student Housing

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2022


You likely feel excited to know that pet friendly apartments in Birmingham are an option for you to rent while going to university classes. Before deciding on a specific apartment, here are four questions you should ask.

When talking with the management of pet friendly apartments in Birmingham, find out what types of pet restrictions are in place. For example, they may restrict pets based on size intervals. They may not allow dogs over a certain weight. Or they may not allow certain breeds. There may even be restrictions on how big an aquarium can be.

Ask if there are extra costs that you need to be aware of associated with having a pet. You may need to put down a pet deposit. Your monthly rent may go up because of having a pet. And there may be fees associated with covering pet damage.

You need to ask yourself if a specific apartment is a good fit for you and your pet. If you have a cat, you need to make sure that there is space for a litter box. If there is an elevator and you have a dog, you need to think about if your dog will do okay using the elevator.

The fourth thing to know is if there are rules that you must follow regarding your pets. For example, you may have to use the service entrance when walking your dog.

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