Gain an Understanding of the Workers Compensation Law in Wilkes Barre PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Workers compensation laws were put in place to help protect injured workers and ensure they had the medical coverage and wage replacement benefits they needed during their recovery period. Although it is an injured worker’s right to pursue their benefits, many workers are denied unfairly. This is why it is so important workers understand the Workers Compensation Law in Wilkes Barre PA so they will know the law and their rights, should they become injured on the job.

Understanding the Key Elements of the Law

Meeting with a worker’s compensation attorney is wise when a person becomes injured. At this meeting, the injured worker can gain a better understanding of the law and what steps will need to be taken to pursue the benefits they deserve. These appointments are often free for injured workers and can give a person great insight into the rights they hold as an American worker.

There are a few key elements to the worker’s compensation laws in the state of Pennsylvania. The greater the understanding of these laws, the better equipped a person will be to make sound decisions in their pursuit of benefits.

  *    Worker’s compensation insurance coverage is mandatory for most employers, with a few exceptions.

  *    This type of coverage offers benefits to injured workers and those who suffer diseases as a result of their employment.

  *    The insurance company of the employer has the right to deny the claim if they feel the injury did not result from employment.

  *    The injured worker has the right to appeal if their worker’s compensation claim is denied.

  *    An injured worker can be approved for benefits even if they have a pre-existing injury or illness that was aggravated by their employment.

  *    Schedule a Consultation

When an injured worker is denied their benefits, it is the right of the injured worker to seek an appeal. Although not required injured workers can hire an attorney to help them with the appeal’s process or in the negotiations with the insurance company or employer. The attorney will work to make sure their client’s rights are protected under the Workers Compensation Law in Wilkes Barre PA. Those who have been injured on the job should seek help from The Law Office of Robert D. Elias. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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