Get the Best Treatment for Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Are you embarrassed to smile for fear that others are going to notice your missing teeth? Do you avoid seeking treatments because of the recovery or financial burden? If all of these questions pertain to you, then you should know that with the right dentist you can get dental implants in Chicago with minimal healing time and possible financing options.

Best Results with Least Risks

Whether you are missing teeth from a tooth extraction or decay, there are two main treatments to replace them. One method is getting dentures. Dentures are not the best option because they are not placed permanently in your mouth. The fact that they are moveable means that debris and bacteria can enter your mouth, creating an opportunity for infection. Additionally, they do not allow you to chew the way you would with regular teeth, causing you to develop pain and jawbone issues. The other option, and the best choice for replacing teeth, are dental implants. When you get implants, they are similar to regular teeth. Implants have barely any risks, which is excellent. They are permanently affixed to your mouth, leaving no room for outside germ to invade. Implants should be your first choice when replacing missing teeth.


While any dental procedure can make you incur costs, you should know that payment options do exist. Most times, your doctor can set up a financial plan for you if your insurance does not cover the service you are having performed. When you go to your doctor’s website, they should have a tab that informs you of their insurance policies as well as what payment plans they offer. Likewise, they should let you know if you have to get referrals from your general dentist or anything else that would add a fee. You need to get dental implants to improve your smile and your health, so the best doctor is going to help make that feasible regardless of the cost.

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