Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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Have you ever entered your office restroom and been greeted by an overflowing trash can and a floor cluttered with paper towels? You may push them to the side with your shoe and make a mental note to talk to the janitorial staff about emptying the garbage a little more regularly. Then, you may wonder if there is another solution to the paper towel problem? Maybe it is time to buy hand dryer. There are a few things to consider when looking at hand dryers.

How much energy will be used? Will a hand dryer be cost-effective? Hand dryers seem to be getting more and more efficient all the time. Some air dryers boast the ability to dry 1,000 pairs of hands for only $0.42. That is a 98% savings over the cost of buying paper towels. You can dry 100 pairs of hands for the cost of only one paper towel. That is a pretty impressive savings.

What about the noise level? Will it be disruptive to the office staff? You may be surprised to know some dryers come with the ability to adjust the speed of the blower and the sound level. At the quietest level, most dryers are not any louder than a television set or vacuum cleaner. With an average drying time of 12 seconds, there should not be much, if any, disruption to normal office activity.

When you buy hand dryer, you may be providing a more hygienic environment in the restroom. Because the dryer removes moisture, there is less likelihood of mold, fungus and bacterial growth. There is also less likelihood of clogged and overflowing toilets caused by improper paper towel use, thus reducing the amount of bacteria in your restroom.

There are many benefits to replacing your old paper towel dispenser. When you buy hand dryer, not only will you be helping reduce the amount of cleaning necessary in the restroom, you will be saving money and reducing the amount of bacteria present. It sounds like a win.

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