Heavy Demands on a Home’s Drainage System May Result in a Need for Professional Drain Cleaning in Azle TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


It’s distressing to hear news reports of people being injured because of attempts to fix clogged drains with harsh chemicals. Yet people continue to try clearing away stubborn clogs with substances that can cause harm due to fumes, chemical burns, and even explosions. They try to avoid calling a plumber who will make quick work of stubborn clogs, but they wind up with a much worse situation. The best solution is to call a professional for drain cleaning in Azle TX and have the project completed safely.

Families can put a lot of demand on the home’s drainage system. Every day, they’re showering, flushing toilets, washing dishes and doing laundry. This wouldn’t necessarily be a big issue except people are not always careful about what they send down the drain. Every time someone forgets to put the strainer in the shower drain, hair goes down the sewer pipe. Some individuals have the odd habit of removing hair from the strainer and throwing it in the toilet, apparently not understanding that the hair winds up in the same place. The home’s residents may routinely toss used dental floss into the toilet and flush feminine hygiene products and sanitary wipes. These actions can eventually cause a sewer backup and the need to call a company like Ace Repair Plumbing for emergency service.

In addition, the kitchen sink and the laundry tub can be places where drains become sluggish due to actions of the home’s residents. Drainpipes can become clogged with solidified grease if people pour cooking oil down the kitchen sink drain or repeatedly rinse greasy pans in the sink without wiping them off first. Oil coats the inside of the drainage pipes then hardens as it cools. This creates a truly stubborn clog. In the laundry area, hand-washing fabric in the washtub is OK as long as any lint is kept out of the drain with a strainer. Again, people may become lazy about this and wind up with bits of fabric causing a sluggish drain and a need for professional drain cleaning in Azle TX. Browse our website to learn more about these services.

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