Help In Selecting The Best Custom Fabrication Shop

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


An OEM has many different options when it comes to choosing contract manufacturers. In the past, custom fabrication was often outsourced to companies outside of the United States, but today there are top services available that provide exceptional quality fabrication services while reducing supply chain costs, speeding up turnaround time and offering highly competitive pricing.

Selecting a US-based custom fabrication shop for contract manufacturing does not have to be a complicated or lengthy process. However, there are some basic considerations in selecting the best match for your fabrication requirements.

Scope of Services Offered

A custom fabrication shop offering the full range of metal fabrication services required for a particular part, component or system, is always the best option. Not all fabrication shops offer the latest in equipment and technology, which adds not only to precision work but also in reduced turnaround times and lower cost of production per unit.

When looking for a custom fabrication shop, take a closer look at the value-added or secondary services they offer. The top fabrication shops start with engineering services and end with metal finishing services, providing the full range of work required.

By using one fabrication shop, the OEM is only dealing with a single contract manufacturer. The contract manufacturer can also provide outsourcing of services, if needed, through fully vetted and approved subcontract companies, effectively working as a project management service for the work required.

Capacity and Experience

Two other critical considerations when choosing a fabrication shop are the capacity of the facility as well as the experience they bring to the table. The experience of the custom contract manufacturer and fabrication shop in various industries and working to specific requirements and tolerances within those industries is an invaluable aspect in choosing one shop over the competition.

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