Hiring a Local Moving Service in Aiea is Just One Step of an Organized Move

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Organization and delegating tasks is the only way to keep a move on schedule and under control. It does not have to be an exhausting process or one that prevents people from enjoying the excitement of moving into a new home. Here are five steps that will make any move easier to manage.

Make a List

Include everyone that needs to be contacted about the move. This could be utility companies, the post office, and rental management services. Do not forget that work, schools and doctor offices will need an updated address. Have account numbers handy for any utilities being disconnected and the exact physical address for establishing new accounts. Contacting a Local Moving Service in Aiea should also be on the list.

Schedule a Cleaning

Hire a cleaning service for the day after the move. This makes it possible to concentrate on the new home. Reserve one weekend before the move as a clean-out day. Hire a dumpster or reserve a spot in the yard for a lawn sale. Remove anything that is not needed or wanted at the new residence. Gather out-of-season items and Contact Hawaii Self Storage. Storing items that are not needed for a couple of months will make unpacking easier.

Schedule the Move

Hire a Local Moving Service in Aiea to pack and move everything. This saves hours of time and takes away a lot of the physical burden. Most people pack and move personal items on their own and there are generally items the movers cannot legally transport. Talk with them to determine if additional arrangements are needed for any personal property.

Make Some Calls

Contact everyone previously listed. Notify school and work if any time will be missed. Do some online searches for restaurants and take out services near the new home and program their numbers into the phone. Most people prefer to not cook a big meal for a day or two after a move.

Make Some Arrangements

Contact a kennel. Animals may be frightened by the activity and dogs, and cats become tripping hazards or may run off. Babysitters for infants and small children are also a great idea.

Moving day will be much easier with all of these tasks out of the way. Begin the steps as soon as the move is definite. Schedule cleaning services, movers and others at least a few months in advance to be certain the time is reserved.

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