Hiring An SSD Attorney Near Chesapeake

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Lawyer


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The application process for social security disability is long and grueling. Many people give up because they are tired of waiting for SSD attorney near Chesapeake. Here are some tips to help speed up the process. Applicants should not have to wait longer than two months for an initial decision. If you have been waiting longer, call the local Social Security office. Ask to speak to a disability claims representative about your case. They should be able to tell you the status of an application. Believe it or not, inquiring about the case regularly keeps it moving through the agency.

It is really important to hire an SSD attorney near Chesapeake. Visit us and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Attorneys know many of the hidden tricks to win the approval of your case. For example, if your case is at the reconsideration level, speak directly with a disability examiner. Reconsideration is the first appeal level. And, disability examiners make the decision based on the application and medical records. The local social security office should be able to give you the examiner’s phone number. In most instances, the examiner knows whether a decision has been made.

The second appeal involves a hearing before an administrative law judge. Further, your case file is moved to the local hearing office. The SSD attorney near Chesapeake calls the hearing office to check whether a hearing has been scheduled. Representatives should be able to tell how much longer before the case is scheduled. Additionally, many other things help to speed the case up. Check with your physician to see if they will verify your disability.

The agency has a form for doctors to complete detailing an applicant’s disability. You may be able to be approved without a hearing. Likewise, make sure the hearing office has all your pertinent medical records. A decision should be based on the freshest information possible. Also, cooperate with the agency at all levels. If they want you to see an SSA doctor, keep the appointment. You have worked hard for SSD benefits. Do everything you can to receive benefits when you need them. Reach out to O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group for more information.

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