Hiring Remodeling Contractors in Richmond Virginia To Revamp A Living Room

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


When there is a desire to change the appearance of a living room, many people decide to have Remodeling Contractors in Richmond Virginia tend to the walls as a starting point for the desired outcome. There are several different tasks that will enhance and transform the room effectively by focusing on the perimeter areas. Here are some ideas to consider.

Swap The Color Of Walls

The color selected for the walls in a living room will make an impact on the overall atmosphere the area exudes. If you wish to use the room for relaxation, stick with cooler tones such as blue or green. Warmer colors like red, orange, or yellow will project the feeling of energy and are often used in rooms used for congregating with loved ones. Earthy tones like tan, beige, or olive work well at making a room feel homey, while lighter shades like off-white, white, or eggshell help to make a room feel larger.

Add Borders To Break Up Monotony

The addition of wooden borders to the perimeters of a room will give it a rustic appearance. Consider using wainscoting for bottom portions of walls, or add a wooden border horizontally along the middles of walls to give it a unique appearance. Different hues of paint can then be used for each portion if desired. Borders can also be positioned along the tops or bottoms of walls to give the surfaces an interesting appearance.

Use Built-In Enhancements

Add a bit of convenience to the walls in a living room by having shelving constructed to match the overall theme. These can be incorporated into corners, near the entertainment area, or next to a proposed reading spot. Cut out cubbyholes are also desirable enhancements that give living space a completely different appearance. These can be nestled into any area of a wall, helping to increase the appearance of space while providing a convenient storage area.

Start the process of designing a whole new look for a living room by contacting one of the sought after Remodeling Contractors in Richmond Virginia. Call The Carpentry & Painting Experts to find out more today.

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