How Much is it to Move the Gas Line Installation in Lewis Center OH?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Pre-owned homes often have their little oddities, from an irregularly designed foundation to some quirks in the interior. A gas line could be part of the eccentric nature of a house. Some buyers of fixer-uppers may find that the current gas line installation for their new purchase is less than desirable. Can a Gas Line Installation in Lewis Center OH be moved to connect to a different part of the house?

Moving the Install

The answer is, as many things, more complicated than a single and short response. Yes, it is possible to take an existing gas installation and rework it for another purpose. For example, some new home owners find that their gas installation is connected to the dryer. This is less than desirable due to the high pressure, modern additions of dryers, the need to move the dryer, etc. They may want to take the gas install to the dryer and move it to the kitchen. This is for a gas stove use. Gas stoves are becoming more popular. Interestingly, many houses in the 80’s and 90’s did not have gas stoves and would (like the above example) use a gas line for a dryer over a stove.

Different Systems, Different Strokes

The buyer can theoretically get a new Gas Line Installation in Lewis Center OH that would repurpose the line for a gas stove. But, is this logical? Firstly, these two systems are quite different. A typical dryer gas install for a dryer is 1 / 2 inches thick. The dimensions for a gas stove hookup averages about 3 / 4 inches. These are common examples, but they are not tried-and-true in every scenario. Regardless, the installation is commonly different. Moving the hook-up would be impractical because the line would not just connect easily to its new place.

The above information features complex systems and base assessments. Click here for more detailed information about gas line installs. Look no further than a team member who can offer personalized advice on how to proceed. The team member can look at the property directly and map out a proper course of action for moving, installing, repurposing, and anything else in between.

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