How Rigging In Fort Worth Can Make Moving Large Machinery An Easy And Safe Task

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


One of the most challenging parts of relocating a manufacturing facility is safely moving all of the equipment to the new location. Rather than stressing how to transfer large pieces of machinery, consider hiring a company that provides Rigging in Fort Worth to make the job as easy as possible. Here is what is involved in the process of rigging, and how it can make the relocation of any size facility as easy as possible to complete.

No Physical Labor Required

The single greatest benefit to using a rigging system to relocate machinery is that it does not require the use of manual labor, which can help decrease the time it takes to complete the job and reduce the propensity for injury. A moving company will utilize a hydraulic powered lift and bed to move the item and position it on the bed of the moving trailer. Most large machines can be moved in a few short hours and with minimal chance of damaging the item’s components or exterior surfaces.

Air Ride Transit Trailers

The drive to the new location can be just as damaging to a piece of equipment as moving the item. To help alleviate the chance of damage many moving companies utilize trailers that provide an air suspension system, which aids in absorbing the shock of pot holes and prevents the machine from shifting during the drive. Air ride technology will provide a smooth ride that will prevent damage to the most sensitive pieces of manufacturing equipment.

Machine Placement

Unloading the machine can be just as much work as loading it on the trailer. Rigging in Fort Worth makes it easier by utilizing hydraulic motors to shift the item on the bed and gently lower it to the ground and into position. Rather than trying to do it manually, be sure to utilize rigging trailers and cranes that can make moving the largest equipment a straightforward and easy task.

Don’t make a large move harder than it should be. Check out the services offered by DFW Movers & Erectors Inc. and see why more companies choose them when moving large equipment. Contact us today to learn more and see how easy moving a factory or manufacturing facility should be.

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