How the Right HVAC Contractor Makes a Difference

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2014


When there is the need to upgrade the heating ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) used in the home, it pays to spend a little time finding the right HVAC Contractor for the job. The right contractor will offer a combination of benefits that serve the homeowner for many years to come. Here are a few examples.

Inspecting the HomeThe right HVAC Contractor will not simply make a recommendation based on the current system. Instead, he or she will want to evaluate the home from top to bottom. The reason behind this type of activity is that all sorts of things could have changed since the current system was installed. For example, the attic may have recently been finished and is now used as a living space. The insulation may have seen better days, or the home may have settled a little. By looking at the home with a fresh set of eyes, it is possible to focus on systems that meet the needs of today, not the ones that applied ten or fifteen years ago.

Talking With the Owner

Once the initial inspection is complete, the contractor will want to talk with the owner about the current system. What features does it offer that the owner particularly enjoys? Is there anything the owner wishes the system could do that it does not provide? Those discussions will help pave the way for identifying replacements systems with all the important features and possibly some new ones the owner can put to good use.

Suggesting a System

After determining what would provide the homeowner with the most benefits in terms of performance, the contractor can make a basic recommendation. When making that recommendation, the contractor will point out the range of features, the level of energy efficiency, and what to expect in terms of price and the cost of the ongoing operation. The goal is to make sure a homeowner has all the information needed to decide if that system is the best way to go, or if there is a need to explore another option.

Once the homeowner makes a decision, the team from Eco Air of Southwest Florida can schedule a date to remove the old unit and install the new one. Since the process will only take a matter of hours, the homeowner can look forward to enjoying all the benefits quickly. That is something just about every homeowner will appreciate.

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