How to Acquire Legal Guardianship in Las Vegas, NV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


In Nevada, a family member could acquire authority over a senior who has become incapacitated. Once they do, they have the right to make decisions about the individual’s medical care and have access to their assets. Through a legal guardianship in Las Vegas, NV, a family member achieves these aspirations.

Proving Mental Incapacity

The petitioner must acquire medical evidence that proves that the senior is incapacitated mentally. A late stage diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia could provide clear evidence of this mental state. However, the court must assign a psychiatrist to perform an assessment for the court records. This requires a medical screen that is performed prior to the formal hearing. The assigned psychiatrist must submit their findings to the court.

Evaluating a Right to Guardianship

The individual who is seeking guardianship must prove that they have a legal right to acquire this assignment. They must be a family member or a caregiver with the authority to manage the individual’s health care requirements. While the court prefers a biological family member, they may allow guardianship to a caregiver if the individual doesn’t possess any living relatives.

Providing Adequate Care

The court must determine if the petitioner has the ability to provide adequate health care and support for the individual. The court will assess any previous care provided by this individual and explore any allegations of abuse of power. The petitioner must possess an income that could provide adequate support for the senior without any outside requirements.

Acquiring a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney provides the guardian with access to the senior’s property and assets. These assignments may restrict how the individual uses these assets. The court may also require them to report any expenditures involving the senior’s funds.

In Nevada, a family member may petition the court to acquire guardianship of an incapacitated senior. Family members could petition the court for guardianship or any senior who doesn’t have an existing health care plan in the event of incapacitation. Family members who need assistance with a legal guardianship in Las Vegas, NV should contact Grant Morris Dodds or visit this website for further information today.

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