How to Keep safe and Care for Custom Handcrafted Jewelry Montana

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Feb, 2016


The worth of valuables is lost if they are broken, damaged or rusted and handcrafted jewelry is nothing less than a valuable in this era. If you are a fan of custom handcrafted jewelry in Montana then this quick guide is definitely for you. Taking proper care of your handcrafted jewelry does not require a lot of effort; it just needs routine maintenance and proper equipments.

Always Keep the Jewelry After Cleaning and Dusting
If you wear handcrafted jewelry on a regular basis then cleaning it once or twice a week is enough. But if you wear it occasionally then make sure to clean it and remove the dust after every use. Clean the steel jewelry with a clean cloth. Then dust a soft bristled brush with talcum powder, and gently rub it all over the jewelry. It will remove the moisture from jewelry and prevent rusting.

You can use the same trick for all other jewelry materials. For cleaning your silver jewelry, line a small bowl with aluminum foil. Mix talcum powder with lukewarm water and fill the bowl with it. Leave your silver jewelry in the bowl for one minute only. Rinse well and dry-clean it with a cotton towel.

Understand Jewelry Storage
Custom handcrafted jewelry in Montana is created with different types of metals and imperialized with unique types of stones, ornaments and embellishments. While one type of metal absorbs more moisture, the other type releases it which may cause rusting or metal degradation. For keeping your jewelry safe, make sure to store different types of metals in separate storage boxes.

Storing different jewelry items is also essential as rubbing may cause breakage. In customized jewelry boxes, you can put different jewelry items in the same box but without the fear of rubbing. You can also look for storey jewelry boxes. Make sure that jewelry box is made of soft elements and covered with cotton, silk or velvet fabric to avoid scratches on your valuables.

Another great and inexpensive way to store your jewelry items is to use handmade kraft paper bags or airtight plastic bags.
Understanding the storage style is also important. An inexpensive way to store chains and jewelry items that may tangle is to hang them in the cupboards or make DIY jewelry hangers. You can store all rings made of similar metal in the same box.

Moisture Cleaning
Moisture is one of the worst enemies of handcrafted jewelry. Apart from talcum powder, baking soda can also be used to brush away the moisture and bring back the lusciousness of gold, silver and other jewelry metals which have lost their shine and luster. The shine of silver and gold handcrafted jewelry can also be brought back by soaking them in vinegar or rubbing plain cotton cloth soaked in vinegar on them.

When cleaning your custom handcrafted jewelry Montana, always make sure that you use clean cotton cloth or soft toothbrush on plain surfaces to avoid scratches. Never store a jewelry item when it is wet or in a place with high moisture content.

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