How To Obtain Lifeline Government Phones In Georgia

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2021


Today, a phone is so much more than a way to call and connect with friends, family, and your employer. It is a handheld computer, calculator, address book, and connection with the world around us.

Most people use their smartphones for everything from checking job placement boards to networking with others through social media. They also use it to shop, do their banking, and to find great deals on everything they need, from clothing to low-cost transportation.

The Solution

Trying to live without a phone is a challenge and a hardship. It can make it impossible to stay in touch with your employer, to find work, or to even get basic information through email and text messages. To help overcome this challenge Georgia, as well as all other states, offer qualifying residents the option to apply for Lifeline government phones.

These Lifeline government phones are provided through approved cell phone providers and carriers. The program is federally administered, and all providers across Georgia must meet specific minimum requirements for their customers.

Qualifying and Applying

To qualify, individuals must be residents of the state and either make at or below the federal poverty guidelines for the household. They can also receive or qualify to receive another government assistance program to get a phone.

To apply for Lifeline government phones, simply complete an online application with an approved carrier of your choice. Once qualified, you will receive your smartphone and can begin using the phone immediately and at no cost.

For more information on Lifeline government phones in Georgia, visit Infiniti Mobile. For easy access, simply go to .

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