Hydraulic Pump Repair in Chicago Helps Equipment Keep Running

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


Hydraulic pumps play a roe in so many facets of everyday life that you’d be hard-pressed to name them all. Pumps are an important part of the braking systems in vehicles, particularly larger trucks. They help control elevators and escalators, gas station fuel pumps, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, and backhoes. Hydraulic oil pumps, piston pumps and gear pumps also are found in other devices like appliances and adjustable-height chairs. When a hydraulic pump system starts to malfunction, it’s time to call in experts who can handle Hydraulic Pump Repair in Chicago to diagnose and repair the problem.

There are some signs that will tell you that the hydraulic pump in a piece of equipment is starting to wear out or break down. One of the first things you might notice are annoying loud noises. While hydraulic systems are naturally noisy, those that work properly aren’t excessive. When noise increases or strange sounds start, it likely indicates that parts are starting to wear out. If you start seeing water or oil leaks either on the outside or the inside of your equipment, you need to take action quickly. Leaks are a sign that the pump is wearing out completely and won’t last much longer at all. The pump will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Sometimes, however, hydraulic pumps can be repaired rather than replaced. Knowing when to repair a pump and when to replace it takes a bit of learning and experience. Noise is a sign that components of a pump need to be adjusted, just as it can also signal that the pump may be on its last legs. A hydraulic pump that is running at higher than normal temperatures is also one that should be checked for problems and repaired as needed. Slower than normal operation is another sign that repair is needed. In fact, this sign is one of the first things you might see when a hydraulic pump begins to wear out.

If you need expert advice to keep your hydraulic pumps running efficiently, whether they’re older or even nearly brand-new, call on Miller Hydraulic Service Inc. The company is committed to providing Hydraulic Pump Repair in Chicago so that once repaired your equipment won’t break down again. With emergency service, you can be sure your hydraulic pump equipment is performing as it shows.

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