Improved Flame Resistant Clothing Enhances Safety

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


Years ago it was not unusual to see electrical utility workers dressed in polyester bid overalls with metal buttons. These days are long gone thank goodness, it is now known that fabrics such a polyester and nylon have the tendency to melt directly onto the wearers skin and obviously all metal creates  the risk of electrocution.

The lack of flame resistant pants, jackets and overalls was not because people didn’t care; it was the lack of knowledge on safe working practices more than anything. Those who worked with high voltage electricity just accepted the fact that they were employed in a dangerous industry. Thankfully the electric utility industry realized the practices of the day had to change.

Major changes took place:

In the last 30 or 40 years there has been a revolution, the requirements for clothing worn by people involved in the industry were created and are always under the spotlight. Thanks to the NESC, national Electrical Safety Code and the NFPA, National Fire Protection Association strict standards have been written, compliance with such have reduced injury and even death considerably.

A few things to know about protective clothing:

It is obvious that eliminating metal and avoiding the use of materials that melt is the key to effective flame resistant pants. Today, those working in the utility industry wear clothing purpose designed to resist flame. Fire, although not a daily occurrence in the electrical utility business does happen. Static electricity and gaps in insulation can easily cause the surrounding air to become a conductor and when this happens the result is a powerful arc flash which produces phenomenal heat, even though it may last for less than a second. Without proper flame resistant clothing a worker in the immediate area would sustain life threatening injuries.

Fire resistant clothing is available in a number of protection levels; it is the level that defines the heat protection provided.

Flame resistant pants are a must for those working in hazardous industries where a flash fire or an arc flash is possible. You are invited to visit domain URL for more helpful information.

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