Injured On The Job? Contact A Workers Compensation Attorney In Collinsville, IL

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2017


Injuries on a job can happen in an office, construction site, and anywhere someone is working. Most types of injuries are covered under workers’ compensation laws. An injured worker must follow specific procedures to receive the benefits they’re entitled to receive. Workers are entitled to loss of wages and payment of medical bills to name just a couple of benefits this type of insurance covers. It would be nice to believe that an employer is going to take care of the matter and help the employee, but this usually isn’t the case. When someone’s been injured on the job, they should contact a Workers Compensation Attorney Collinsville IL for a free consultation to protect their rights and ensure they’re able to continue providing for their family.

The first thing an injured worker should do is contact their supervisor and seek medical treatment. A Workers Compensation Attorney Collinsville IL can help with the preparation and filing of the necessary application. They can gather and submit the medical records and evidence to file an appeal for a denial of a claim. Injured workers often have many questions about the process for filing and receiving benefits. In some states, only the employer’s physician can treat an injured worker initially. In Illinois, an injured worker can choose the doctor they see. A lawyer will make sure an injured worker receives the medical care they need and the medical bills are submitted properly to the insurance company.

Being off work and worrying about a source of income are common fears an injured worker experiences. A Workers Compensation Attorney Collinsville IL will make sure the injured worker receives all of the compensation they are entitled to from their employer’s insurance company. Insurance companies tend to delay payment as long as legally possible in the hope they can force the employee back to work. An attorney can explain all of the things that may happen because some are very common. The Brunton Law Offices have many years of experience helping injured workers receive the benefits they deserve. They also practice employment law and help to protect the rights of employees who have been illegally or unfairly treated.

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