Job Stress and Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2014


Work stress occurs when the demands of the working environment exceed the capacity of the people trying to keep things under control. It is not a disease, but if you suffer from an intense and continuously rough work environment, it may cause poor physical and mental health: anxiety, depression, heart issues, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal diseases. Today, stress is identified as one of the most important emerging hazards in Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH. Studies suggest that between 50% and 60% of all lost working days are related to stress.

Many of these studies agree that stress is due to a mismatch between individuals and working conditions (job insecurity, type of contract, schedules, etc.). It also has to do with the task (shortage or excessive work, monotony, meaningless work, tight deadlines, etc.). Even the lack of support in solving problems, lack of communication and participation can play a role. Preventive measures presented below refer to ways workers and employers can fight on-the-job stress.

Provide a clear description of the work to be performed, including the material means that are available and the responsibilities. The lack of knowing what is expected of an individual is an important factor in generating stress. Ignorance results in a feeling of uncertainty. Ensure that assignments are compatible with the capabilities and resources of individuals. Also provide the necessary training to perform them competently, both at the start of work as when changes are made.

Check the workload. Both overwork and underwork can become sources of stress. The same applies when the individual does not feel capable of performing a task. In these cases you have to redistribute tasks or propose something that is more motivating. Set tasks and functions in monotonous activities and also in those involving a demand for very high production: assembly lines, certain administrative and repetitive computer work, etc.

Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH notices that people have issues with avoiding tight deadlines and this can cause stress. Provide breaks in especially demanding physical or mental tasks. You also have to plan the job considering contingencies and extra tasks, not excessively prolonging working hours. Encourage initiatives of individuals and the way they do business: how it is done, quality results, troubleshooting, break times, choice of shifts, etc. Learn more about occupation health by contacting your local doctor today.

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