Living in Student Apartments Is Much Better Than Living Dorms

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


Despite the stereotype of the “party-hearty” college student, most of them really just want a safe place to live and some peace and quiet while they are attending school. This can be a hard thing to achieve if they choose to live in dorms. That’s why most alumni recommend that a better housing solution is to choose apartments near University Of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Student apartments are always more secure than a dormitory. Modern apartment complexes have keycard entry systems so that only a resident with a card can open the doors. This is in stark contrast to dormitories where anyone who vaguely resembles a college student can wander in. You will feel relieved at the higher level of safety that your apartment provides you.

Better Food Choices

When you live in a dorm, you are left to the mercy of cafeteria food or takeout. The first option is not all that appetizing, while the second option can get very expensive very quickly. However, when you decide to call apartments near the University Of Louisiana at Lafayette your home, you have the ability to shop for your own food as well as cook it however you want. This is a great option for those who have certain dietary restrictions that the school cafeteria may not be able to accommodate.

If you are interested in living in a student apartment instead of on-campus in a corm room, please contact University House Acadiana. They will show you the floor plans that they have available.

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