Mens Diamond Rings – You Have Many Fine Choices

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


When you check out mens diamond rings, you’ll see several kinds of stones and metal types. Also, there are many styles to choose from. In fact, you’ll have so many decisions to make that you could get confused and make a mistake. However, this doesn’t need to happen when you shop for the best rings. Here are some helpful tips to consider as you shop.

What Kind of Gold?

Quality rings come in 10K, 14K, 18K gold, and different colored gold, so which is best? Many people often make the mistake of confusing carats with karats. Carats refer to diamond weight while a karat is all about purity of gold. When it comes to gold, 24 karat is pure gold and the more karats you have, the purer the gold is.

24K gold is not made into mens diamond rings or other jewelry. It’s too soft, expensive, and damages easily. When gold mixes with other metals it’s harder and more durable, and less expensive than pure gold. Let’s look at the three main types of jewelry gold.

  • 10K – most cost-effective and durable metal. However, some wearers are allergic to 10K alloys.
  • 14K – high quality at an affordable price and still quite durable.
  • 18K – purest and most expensive and less likely to develop allergic reactions. However, it’s not as durable as 10K and 14K gold.


Square shaped stones are cheaper on average because they create less waste in the cutting process. Diamond clarity and color are not as important for mens diamond rings as it is for women’s engagement rings. You can find many excellent pre-set selections with clustered diamonds at affordable prices. However, when you shop rings with center stones, you’ll need to know about the 4Cs of diamonds. Trusted online jewelers offer website tutorials with valuable information.

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