Most Popular Industrial Uses & Benefits For Kapton Film Heaters

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2020


Some of the most accurate heating that can be provided by film heaters is provided by those made from Kapton. This is why they are used in some of the world’s most important industries. Here are just a few of the places where they are commonly used.

Security & Defense

Film heaters are used in such things as laptop computers used by soldiers, air handlers that heat the air being conducted through them as well as systems of targets of acquisition. In addition to military uses, a Kapton film heater is also used in many airports for the purposes of bomb-testing and spectrometry.


Within hospitals across the nation. these types of film heaters are used to not only keep babies safe and warm within their incubators but also to sterilize the medical equipment that doctors and nurses use to perform their procedures. In addition to hospitals, these heaters are used in labs to keep precious substances such as specimens and blood samples at the correct temperature. This is done because of the precise control methods that a Kapton film heater can offer.


There are many aerospace instances where these types of film heaters come in very handy, not only in space but in terrestrial atmospheres as well. Satellites have docking stations that need to operate perfectly in very intense temperatures. These heaters keep them at the correct temperature so that disaster does not occur. They also are used to keep the wings of the plane and equipment used for navigation at a suitable temperature.

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