Natural Childbirth is an Option to Consider

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Giving birth without the help of drugs or medications to reduce the pain is something many women consider. They want to be fully alert as their child arrives in the world. Such medications may make them groggy and feeling out of control during the delivery. Natural childbirth is an option, but it can be painful. Being able to focus on something other than the pain is an important part of getting through it.

Make It Known

If you are interested in a drug-free birthing experience, make it known. This is something you should discuss with your doctor in advance. Most medical professionals are respectful of such requests, and they will also note it in your file. When you go to the hospital to have the baby, make sure the intake personnel are aware of this choice, too.


In order to go through natural childbirth, you need to practice your breathing exercises, and you need to be prepared. There are several techniques you can use to help you do so. Breathing techniques that help you to work through the contractions are the most common. Practice them with the person who will be in the delivery room with you.

A focal point or object is strongly recommended for this type of childbirth. Select an object you can easily take with you to the hospital. It will need to be displayed in a location where you can see it at all times, even around the medical staff.


It is a good idea to enroll in natural childbirth classes. You should be able to find information about them from your doctor, the hospital, or your local health department. These classes can help you to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, including eating right, reducing stress, and daily exercise. They can explain to you the stages of labor, so you know what is going on with your body as you start to experience them.

You should sign up for the classes with your labor coach, so both of you fully understand your role in the birthing process. You will need to count on that person to support you and to work through the pain with you. These classes can also help you to prepare for any unexpected circumstances that can arise during labor and delivery.

The techniques you will learn to help you cope with the pain of having a baby are very important. You need to feel in control of your body and your mindset. Doing so will help you have the experience you want without feeling overwhelmed. Most classes are for small groups, and you can ask questions as well as get to know new people. This can all add to the value of your experience.

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