Northwoods Property Management Takes Good Care Everywhere

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Real estate property managers care about people, not just property. Property managers are trained, certified and educated to know how to take the best care of tenants and the property they are responsible for.

Real estate property managers attend formal training programs from qualified professional and trade real estate associations. These programs teach how to operate mechanical systems, manage tenant and company money, assess insurance risks, effectively communicate and negotiate contracts. Most property managers work long hours and often live at the property they manage. For this reason, property managers care about tenants around them as well as the property. Some property managers care so much, they are often found attending evening meetings with residents, owners, community boards and civic groups. They can also be found in certified classes while continuing their education.

According to Oregon’s real estate laws, a real estate property manager must first personally invest their hard-earned money to earn their real estate property manager’s license. With a high school degree or GED, an applicant must pay for and pass classes just as they would for a college degree. At the end of the qualified educational program, a final examination is taken. A non-refundable fee is paid to the licensing authority in order to take this examination. If the applicant passes the exam as required, a real estate property manager’s license is granted.

Every year after that, the property manager will pay an annual fee to maintain their license. A license is more than just a certification. It is proof that a property manager is qualified to sell, exchange, purchase, rent or lease real estate. A property manager’s license gives privileges and power to the licensee to represent taxpayers to the State. With a real estate license, a property manager can provide objective market analysis, assess honest property tax values, and negotiate fair offers on the sale of real estate between tenants and State tax authorities. With this great responsibility comes great caring because the property manager is personally invested in their own community as they make decisions that can affect entire cities, states or regions of the country.

Property managers at Northwoods Property Management continually invest their own hard-earned money and heart because they know it truly benefits their tenants and their properties. Visit their website to learn about other ways Northwoods Property Management takes good care everywhere.

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