Pipe Bending In Kent Washington Requires Special Equipment

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Large and small manufacturers use metal fabrication companies to help with their production needs. Outsourcing metal components can save space, time, and money. Many companies have limited space and budgets. Metal forming and bending equipment takes a lot of space and is expensive to purchase and maintain. Small companies may not need these machines often enough to justify purchasing them and housing them. Metal fabrication companies such as Specialty Metals have huge facilities that house their machinery and store many types of metals and piping.

Why Outsource Metal Fabrication?

Many companies do not use metal parts often enough to justify the expense and space this specialized equipment takes. The manufacturing companies may be set up to assemble parts made elsewhere into products. They do not have the room or the budget to store raw materials and machinery that may be needed to make the parts. They find it more cost effective to have the individual parts made by suppliers of the materials they require. One machine or other finished product may have some metal parts, some wooden parts, some glass parts, or some plastic parts that will be assembled by the company.

This manufacturer will design the final working product, then send specifications out to the appropriate suppliers for each raw material. This way they do not need factory and storage space for each raw material and the equipment required to fabricate parts from it. When all the parts arrive, they assemble them into the final product, package it, and market it at retail stores. Pipe Bending in Kent, Washington services are also available.

Available Metal Fabrication Services

The metal fabrication company will have design services such as CAD to assist in the manufacturing specifications for each part or product. Equipment is used to cut and form the raw metal material into the desired part. This may require pipe bending equipment, water jet cutting, plasma arc cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, shearing, bending, forming, laser cutting, use of press brake dies, and more. Raw materials to form parts include stainless steel, carbon steel aluminum in forms such as a plate, sheet, bar, tube, or structural form. Specialty or rare metals can be ordered when required.

Customers can also purchase pre-cut metals in many sizes and forms for their own fabrication projects. They can get Pipe Bending Kent Washington services as needed. For more information, go to specialtymetalscorp.com.

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