Pros and Cons to Metal Roofing in Spokane

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Nov, 2016


If you are going to be reroofing your home, metal roofing is an option that is becoming increasingly popular. Before you make the decision to go ahead with installing a metal roof, it is important to know some of the pros and cons of that choice.


There are many advantages to using metal roofing in Spokane. One of the biggest pros to metal roofing is that the expected life is incredibly long. When it is properly installed, a metal roof can last as long as the house while still sealing out water and easily shedding snow. Although warranties do vary widely, most metal roofs have a 20 to 50 year warranty. Metal is also lightweight and can be installed over an existing roof without the need for a tear-off or any other additional support. we are full of great resources to tell you why you should choose a metal roof.


One of the biggest considerations that causes people to shy away from metal roofing is the initial cost. Metal roofing is not an inexpensive choice. Because of the material’s long term durability, you are going to save the difference in seasonal maintenance and repair. Another disadvantage is that a metal roof can be dented if it is exposed to large hailstones.

The noise of metal roofing falls into both the pros and the cons category. While some people find the sound of rain on a metal roof to be romantic and homey, there are others who are left feeling like they are living inside a drum. Noise doesn’t have to be the sole deterrent in moving your choice away from metal roofing, though. There are options that can control noise using materials that consist of structural barriers that help to minimize the drumming noise.

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