Questions to Ask at an Eye Surgery Center in Oahu

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Eye Care


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Wearing corrective lenses can get to be a burden over time. It is a financial burden as well as a burden on your time. If you are an athlete, you have to figure out whether you can wear your glasses to different events or if you have to switch to your contacts. Some people don’t like contacts or can’t even wear them during their sporting events. Those people need a third set of specially-made glasses. It’s all a big hassle sometimes. For those people and for many others, a visit to an eye surgery center can be the answer.

Eye Surgery

Your eye works because there is a clear lens that gathers light and directs it into your eye, where it is then interpreted. If you have vision issues, it is likely that you have some kind of malformation in your lens. When that happens, the lens does not focus the light in certain ways. At an eye surgery center in Oahu, you can have that problem corrected. The surgery works by creating microscopic holes in the lens. The lens is then removed and reshaped. After the lens has been reshaped, it is reattached to the eye.

That is the basic mechanism for eye vision surgery. If you visit the Hawaii Vision Clinic, you can get this type of surgery or some other kind of eye procedure.

What Problems?

Not every kind of vision problem can be corrected at an eye surgery center. There are types of vision problems that generally cannot be easily corrected by surgery. The kinds that can be treated are those that result from a lens that does not properly focus the light that is gathered. There are some cases in which cataracts or other types of vision problems can be corrected with surgery that are not related to the lens itself. These are the types of surgery that will remove something instead of reshaping.

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