Reasons To Seek Help From Personal Injury Insurance Lawyer

by | May 17, 2017 | Personal Injury


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Getting into an accident is a disorienting experience, but what can be even more disorienting is what comes after. When it comes to PIP coverage in states that require it, the insurance company responsible for paying out claims can either be fair or try to deny benefits. That’s where a personal injury insurance lawyer in Miami comes in. Here are a few reasons why hiring an attorney is the best option after an accident.

1. Timeline is Essential
One of the most important parts of filing a successful PIP claim is the timeline. If you file the claim and then find grievance with how it’s paid out, or not paid out sufficiently to a medical provider, as the case may be, that’s where the Florida statute of limitations comes in. You need to file a claim in a certain amount of time after an injury, and if your insurance provider can declare that you’re out of that timeline, you will run into trouble. This is where an attorney can be very useful when it comes to the law.

2. What to Expect When Fraud is Rampant
According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, the state has cities that have some of the highest questionable claims, and accounts for 50 percent of fraud referrals when it comes to state collected insurance premiums. This creates backlash for honest PIP claimants who are simply looking to get paid for services rendered after an auto accident, and is a good reason to seek a personal injury insurance lawyer in Miami.

It can be a hard call trying to figure out where to go after an accident. You can put in for your PIP claim, but it’s helpful to be aware that the assistance of an attorney is right around the corner, should you need it. Unfortunately, many people are denied their rightful payout sums when it comes to medical expenses, and there is recourse if you follow the right steps.

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