Simple Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Air Dryers PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Compressed air is used in numerous commercial and industrial applications. However, unwanted moisture can enter a compressed air system and wreak havoc on expensive equipment and lines used in the production process. This can lead to extensive repairs and a possible shut-down of production. To keep this from happening, many businesses employ the use of Air Dryers PA. This handy tool helps remove water vapor before it turns into its liquid state. These tips can assist with general maintenance.

One of the leading causes of air dryer failure is a dirty condenser. The condenser produces compressed air at a required pressure. A fan behind a condenser pulls air into a compressed air system. This can cause the condenser to become dirty when undesirable air particulates are pulled into the condenser. To keep this element of the compressed air system clean, simply blow out the condenser. Use a tool that can blow a steady stream of air into the condenser through the grills. This can keep an air dryer from overheating and run at cooler temperatures. It’s also helpful to keep dust away from the condenser, so this fine waste matter is not sucked into the compressed air system.

It’s beneficial to look at the traps on an air dryer periodically. The frequency of this will depend on the amount of time an air dryer is used. The traps on an air dryer catch and remove moisture. It’s designed to release condensate using a timer. To service this part of an air dryer, unscrew the strainer of the trap. Clean it out and replace it. Some refrigerated Air Dryers in PA have a strainer that floats. When this is the case, simply dispose of the old strainer and install a new one. Do this about every three to six months.

A service kit can usually be ordered for an air dryer. This kit typically has components that enable a trap to be rebuilt and other hardware that allows an air dryer to keep running. By using these simple tips, a business can lengthen the useful life of an air dryer and compressed air system. It also helps to prevent costly damage to machinery. For more information on a refrigerated air dryer, please talk to a professional at Air Center Inc. or visit

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