Tackling General Dentists in Baltimore, MD Before You Hit Them Hard on the Field

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Playing football isn’t easy. Sometimes injuries are sustained. Concussions have been a popular topic over the last few years. Football players know all too well the risks that they take when heading out on the field. Having the proper equipment to protect from possible injuries is vital in any sport. One of the best pieces of protective equipment, besides a helmet, is a mouth guard.

Mouth Guards Aren’t Made for Every Mouth

Most stores nowadays sell mouth guards. The sports section in most one-stop stores generally has a select few to choose from. You are essentially limited to a small, medium, or large mouth guard selection to sift through, though. Often, these store-bought mouth guards cause problems and hazards. Children complain of gagging or that they simply fall out. It is because they do not have mouth guards that fit their specific mouth type.

Why You Should Have a Mouth Guard Fitting at a General Dentist

Everyone has his or her own unique teeth and gums. By buying a generic mouth guard in the hopes that it will fit over your unique teeth, you are taking the chance of causing harm to your mouth because of an improper fit. When you go to general dentists in Baltimore, MD and get a custom fitting, you won’t have to worry about whether the mouth guard will fit or not. The general dentists will make sure that your teeth are protected with a mouth guard for your unique mouth frame.


Baltimore general dentists ensure that you will be able to breathe properly and have no additional issues before you leave their clinic. Now, once you step on the field, you can confidently know that your mouth is protected at the highest level possible.

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