The Advantage Of Using National Moving Companies In West Palm Beach

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


When moving in and around West Palm Beach, or perhaps when moving outside of this area to another part of the state, it may be tempting to consider using a smaller moving company instead of national moving companies.

The reasons people choose a small, local mover over the national moving companies is often because they are not informed of the differences between the two in terms of service, support, and experience.

National and Local

It is important to realize that the top national moving companies in West Palm Beach are locally owned. In other words, the office is local, the staff is local, and the business itself is based out of West Palm Beach.

However, unlike the small one and two truck local moving companies, the national companies have the latest in equipment, trucks and training. They can draw on the corporate office for information, advice and to coordinate moves that may be outside of the scope and ability to of the smaller local companies.

They are also fully licensed and insured, and many are part of moving associations and groups that ensure top quality customer service and support. This is very different than a local company that may only have the ability to move within the state and will not have the network of support and experience.

Professionally Trained Staff

Many moving companies do not use full-time staff, or they hire day workers to fill in during the busy first of the month moving times and over the summer. This means that someone with no training and no moving experience may be responsible for moving your valuable possessions.

With the national moving companies, all employees are background checked and given training and supervision on the job by experienced moving coordinators and supervisors. Drivers and the moving crew are full or part-time employees of the company.

Some of the national moving companies do use day labor for help, particularly when the destination is in an area where the moving company has no office or service. Asking a few questions can help you to determine if this will be the case for your move.

With moving companies with lots of experience, moving crews also tend to specialize in either commercial or residential moves. This helps to both speed up the process of loading the truck as well as unloading, helping to reduce any damage that can occur when care is not taken in correct loading and packing for short or long distance transport.

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