The Basics Of Colocation And The Cost Saving Potential

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2021


Colocation, or more often known as “colo”, is a relatively new concept for most businesses. It offers all of the benefits of owning a private server while eliminating all of the costs and challenges of housing a server within a business.

The Basics

Data centers are designed with power redundances, air conditions, fire prevention, and network interchanges to operate hundreds of servers in optimal environments. Colocation allows a business to place its own server into that optimal environment while the third-party provider manages the physical aspects of the server.

This is ideal for companies that may need to operate multiple servers in one location or to operate servers around the world. It can also be a very practical solution for an existing company with a data center to expand without having to move locations or to build a new server and networking room.

Cost Savings

With the server in a controlled and monitored environment in a data center, a business does not have the cost of building and maintaining a server room. These rooms are not only costly to build, but they are expensive to keep cool and maintain.

In addition to saving on the physical and energy bills associated with in-house server rooms, the business also limits the need for specialized IT services. The colocation facility provides support for the servers based on the needs and requirements of the company. At the same time, the business still retains full control over all aspects of the server, including security protocols and access to the server in the data center.

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