The Most Common Reason to Contact a Car Accidents Attorney in New York City

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


With tens of thousands of people still dying on the nation’s roads and highways every year, driving or riding in personal vehicles is obviously dangerous. For every tragic, traffic-related death in the United States, though, there are dozens of less serious accidents. While some of these amount to nothing more than fender-benders where no injuries are sustained, many of these events do leave victims suffering with long-term injuries and even permanent disability.

In every such case, locals who suffer injuries do well to get in touch with a Car Accidents Attorney in New York City. Even in situations where the person who was injured might think the fault was theirs, the truth frequently turns out to be something else, and an experienced attorney will be best qualified to figure that out.

Of all the cases that come before the average Car Accidents Attorney in New York City each year, a likely majority involve simple rear-end collisions. Accidents of this kind happen most often at stoplights, with the following driver often failing to pay attention as the car ahead slows and comes to a halt. While many of these collisions occur at relatively low speeds, even velocities as low as five or ten miles per hour can result in staggering injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved.

As is detailed, accidents of this kind are almost always judged to be the fault of the driver in the second car. The law typically presumes, in fact, that the burden of proving otherwise will fall to that driver or their lawyer, with only the most unusual of situations resulting in other legal requirements at trial.

Even so, it is often a good idea for both drivers to get in touch with experienced attorneys right after the accident occurs. Lawyers also typically advise their clients to keep any testimony at the scene as noncommittal as possible, with outright admissions of responsibility never being a good idea. Although accidents of this kind are fairly common, they can become more than momentous to those involved with them, especially when injuries are inflicted, so it always pays to seek out the best possible resolution.

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