The Most Popular Products Used For Concrete Repair In Seattle WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Concrete is an excellent material for a plethora of different projects, as it is durable and designed to withstand extreme temperature shifts and exposure to water and other environmental threats. Despite its heartiness, there are still times when concrete will become damaged or degrade due to age and require Concrete Repair in Seattle WA. While it may seem daunting, it is an easy job to complete, but it is essential to have the tools needed on hand and ready for use before getting started.

Preparation Materials

The key to a successful repair is the proper preparation of the affected area. Any loose pieces of concrete should be removed with a hammer and a chisel, and in some cases, the cement may need to be cut with a specialty blade to prevent cracks from spreading. Be sure to have these tools on hand, as it will ensure a repair is done correctly and it will prevent multiple trips to a hardware store as the project progresses.

Concrete Patching Products

After the area is prepared, the next step is to patch the damage, and most patching products come in two different types. A vinyl patching compound is suitable for small repairs and is designed for areas that experience substantial amounts of traffic as it will contract and expand as needed. A cement based product is better suited to large areas of damage, but it does require skill to ensure it is mixed and applied appropriately.

Preventative Maintenance Items

The best way to prevent the need for Concrete Repair in Seattle WA is to perform regular maintenance, as it will eliminate the severity of any cracks that form and help to prevent surface degradation. Vinyl based caulking is perfect for use in areas where water damage is a constant problem, and powerful cleaners will remove grease and dirt, which will cause the cement to crumble if left to its own devices.

Maintaining concrete shouldn’t be complicated, and the right products will make any repairs simple to complete. Atlas Supply Inc. is a leading provider of quality building materials and has a massive selection of items in stock and ready for on-site delivery. Browse the Site to learn more or to place an order without delay.

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