The Myths About Radiation: Radiation Shielding Facts

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Nov, 2019


There are many different myths and misunderstandings that can lead to confusion for people working in and around sources of radiation. The most common source of radiation for most people is x-ray equipment, and there are a lot of stories online and on social media that are simply not true.

At the same time, lead manufacturers have developed a full range of different materials that are designed to provide the radiation shielding needed to protect people working around the equipment as well as people in surrounding areas.

Myth: All Radiation Rooms are Constructed the Same

In reality, all radiation rooms in hospitals, dental clinics, or doctors’ offices are designed specifically based on the type of equipment in use. This is why the very low-level types of x-ray machines can be used in dental offices without any need for specialized radiation shielding in the room, while larger equipment in hospitals is fully isolated from the surrounding areas when in use.

In these cases, and where additional shielding is required, heavy lead sheet can be laminated to gypsum or plywood and used to line the walls, ceilings, and the floors. While the lead shielding is not visible, it is there providing the level of protection required.

Myth: Rooms with Windows Cannot Provide Protection from Radiation

There is specialized X-ray glass that is available from top lead manufacturers in the United States. This glass contains a lead/barium combination that effectively blocks the passage of radiation. This glass can be customized in thickness to meet the radiation levels produced in a given area.

In addition to the use of the X-ray glass, specialized lead window frames are also used, ensuring there are no areas around the window or between the window and the lead-lined construction material, creating a solid barrier for full radiation shielding.

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