The Process for Bail Bonding Services in Arlington TX

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When a close friend or family member is arrested, the goal is to get them home as soon as possible. Getting a person out of jail and back to their daily routine is the best way to assess the situation and determine what the next course of action will be. Paying the bond amount set by the judge allows for the conditional release of the person in trouble, but many are curious about the process as well as how long it takes. Here is some additional information about Bail Bonding Services in Arlington TX.

Bail Amounts & Bondsmen

The nature of the crime will dictate the bond amount set by the judge. So, felonies and violent crimes will typically have higher amounts set than misdemeanors. In those cases that involve a high-profile crime or even an international suspect, a judge may choose to not set bail at all due to there being a high flight risk.

After the amount is set, the defendant can post bail for themselves or have a friend or family member pay the amount. In situations where neither of those involved can afford the set amount, a specific percentage can be paid to a bail bondsman. In exchange, they will pay the full amount to the court on the condition that the defendant appears for their court date.

Posting Bail

Depending on the crime, a defendant might be able to post bail on the same day as their arrest. It depends on the bail schedule. In cases where a schedule is not offered or the defendant can’t pay the amount at the time of the arrest, it can be paid after the arraignment. In situations where this doesn’t occur within 48 hours, a bail hearing will be held, and at this time the amount can be paid.

Release Varies

Once the bond has been paid, the defendant will be released in a few hours. The exact time will vary depending on how many other defendants are waiting to be released, if it’s a weekend or holiday, etc. Since bail is a conditional release, the defendant will receive a set of guidelines to follow.

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